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DEAD MAN - May 16, 2017 10:51 am


I died in a car accident near Abbottabad ;A rod that went straight through my heart. The reason for my death so i had no blames on nobody and did end up finishing my life; just like that.The immediate feeling of death was explainable; cold,dark and unbelievable; I pulled myself out of the car and the rod dragged out of my body. I was dead ; could not scream ;


sense of freedom took over me and overwhelmed in a strange feeling of satisfaction and completeness; I was watching people standing there staring at my car;The audience was unable to watch me standing there in front of them as a 'DEAD MAN';Blood draining from the car was filling the road forming a thick layer of clotted blood. A woman came out of the wagon ; could not bear the site's intensity and became unconscious instantly .I was 19 years old at the time of accident.I saw my self dressed up in a white elegant suit ' DASHING ';'CLAM' and ' QUIET ' .I walked away from the Accident venue 'SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY' murmuring the Greatest; Darood-e-Ibrahimi and kalima-e-tayyaba ;


when i saw some body:coming my way; utterly subdued ;curious ; enchanted ; a vision so unique , a light on top of his head ; Question echos my mind ' ;WHO IS HE ?'; he approaches me . I become blindfolded due to the immense light of his exposure for a second ; and he disappears right in front of me ;' FLASH'.Suddenly i see my parents carrying my dead body towards a ride; i instantly join them .I can listen to people talk about me and my where about's with my parents;I instantly recall answering some questions before i died along with QALIMA-TAYYABA ;recited at the end of Query about my name and phone number at Abbottabad 'MY HOME'.


At District Head Quarter Hospital ,Abbottabad :half an hour later ; at emergency there was no doctor present on duty.I was sitting with my dead body ; watching my breath sink 'SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY'.DEAD MAN,Everybody was running around looking for a doctor but ;' IN VAIN'.As the Sun sets , the shadows of despair become clear .Cold , dry and chilling; weather of Abbottabad in the month of december lead's to the need of warmth,which is very rare to find these days, neither '; IN THEIR ATTITUDES ' ;nor in form of ;' BLANKETS AND HEATERS' in government hospitals.DEAD MAN;what was in abundance was insects on the bed and around. I was sitting quiet with my belly, 'WAITING FOR MY SAVIOUR TO SAVE ME, OH MY GREAT LORD ,HAVE MERCY !' At 8 o clock in the night , it has been 4 hours at DHQ,Abbottabad that i can see my self struggling;hoping , shivering and falling between the thin line of life and death,agan and again!;There was no family member present around me at the time i died there on the bed of government hospital ;Things that were absent were a qualified doctor ;First Aid medicines; Nursing staff.Last moments were when i saw that; angel appear again; at the side of my head and pulled my soul out ; i disappeared from the face of the earth forever as a DEAD MAN!

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